GD159 - Graduate Diploma in Child and Family Health Nursing

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Plan: GD159 - Graduate Diploma in Child and Family Health Nursing
Campus: Bundoora Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

The program learning outcomes of nursing programs are based on the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council Incorporated (ANMCI) National Competency Standards for registered nurses, Codes of Ethics and Professional Conduct, the Competency Standards of Professional Practice for Maternal and Child Health Nurses (2010), and the Maternal and Child Health Service Program Standards (2009). 

The GD159 Graduate Diploma in Child and Family Nursing Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) are: 


PLO1: Communicate in an effective, sensitive and culturally appropriate way to engage and support families, young children and groups from diverse backgrounds in a partnership approach.

PLO2: Demonstrate responsibility and accountability for professional decisions and resolves challenges through application of critical thinking, reflective practice and continuing professional development in maternal and child health practice 

PLO3: Demonstrate advanced knowledge of family and child health theory and development and apply in various real-world settings using a systematic approach.

PLO4: conduct and critically appraise assessment for maternal, child and family health and wellbeing i by interpreting findings, and responding to care needs, including referrals when appropriate.

PLO5: Apply evidence-based Maternal and Child Health knowledge to conceptualise and deliver safe and effective practice in a variety of contexts, independently and collaboratively, with emerging technological advancements.

PLO6: Demonstrate the ability to generate and evaluate solutions to all aspects of professional maternal and child health nursing practice while complying with ethical, legal and regulatory standards.

PLO7 . Apply the principles and methods of scientific inquiry and research and incorporate this information into your professional evidence-based practice.

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