MC172 - Master of Landscape Architecture

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Plan: MC172 - Master of Landscape Architecture
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

Successful completion of this program provides you with the practical and intellectual skills necessary for leading and innovating landscape architecture design practice. You will be provided with opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to learning, design research, and the profession through the study and experience of designing.

At the completion of this program you will be able to:

  • Initiate, execute and situate substantial landscape architectural design research projects which demonstrate an engagement with urban and global complexities and an applied critical knowledge of the ecological, cultural, political, economic and ethical issues of landscape architecture
  • Generate innovative outcomes for landscape architecture design projects at a range of scales through a mastery of practice which synthesizes creative, critical, analytical, reflective and theoretical thinking skills
  • Effectively and fluently disseminate design research across disciplines to specialist and non-specialist audiences through a mastery of communication skills in a range of forms and media which shows a sophisticated understanding of the technical and theoretical frameworks of landscape architecture
  • Express a high level of personal responsibility within independent design research projects combining an ability to employ a range of design processes for the generation and evaluation of design research projects
  • Interrogate, question, engage and act in a broad range of social and cultural situations, and demonstrate effective teamwork and collaborative practices including an openness to others from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds
  • Evidence the capacity to be an agent for change and innovation in the profession of landscape architecture in local and global contexts and in wider society as a whole
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