MC210 - Master of Project Management

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Plan: MC210IT - Master of Project Management
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

The RMIT Master of Project Management (Information Technology) is designed to enable you to work as a highly skilled project manager who has the potential and knowledge to succeed in diverse organisations in the Information Technology sector. The program has a strong emphasis on project scoping, scheduling, procurement, entrepreneurship, client relationships, financial and technology management, digitial innovation and research. A blend of lectures and seminars with industry case studies and work relevant projects allows you to combine theory and practice in a real work environment. The program develops both your generic and discipline specific capabilities through the expansion of knowledge and ideas that align with the current and emerging expectations of employers and industry. 

As a graduate of this program you will be able to:

  • Analyse, synthesise and apply complex project management theory to address industry issues, and implement new directions in project management
  • Professionally communicate your ideas and strategy, justifying decision making to diverse project management and organisational stakeholders 
  • Employ your knowledge of project management theory and recent industry developments to identify problems and formulate solutions that respond to the diverse needs of project stakeholders
  • Work autonomously and/or utlise effective team work skills to plan and develop specialised project management strategy appropriate to range of organisational contexts and projects
  • Critically examine and reflect on your work to question accepted interpretations, decision making and professional practice 
  • Apply appropriate research methods, tools and technical skills to plan, implement and evaluate projects that contribute to the profession and the field of knowledge in the discipline
  • Integrate and apply appropriate technical skills, research methodologies and tools to design and execute applied professional practice and research projects, evaluate the outcomes and theorise about the contribution of your learning to the profession and knowledge arena
  • Provide strategic project management advice and utlise leadership skills and team work skills to plan and guide the implementation of projects across diverse project management contexts, contributing to the discipline and professional arena
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