MC215 - Master of Medical Physics

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Plan: MC215 - Master of Medical Physics
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

Over the duration of the program you will develop: 

  1. Advanced and integrated understanding of the applications of physical processes to the diagnosis and treatment of disease, including an understanding of contemporary developments in professional practice. 
  2. Advanced understanding of the origins of radiation and its interactions with matter pertaining to the production and use of ionising radiation, with particular regard to the protection of people and environments.
  3. Knowledge of research principles and methods for the maintenance and expansion of your knowledge base and the advancement of capability in a professional environment
  4. Skills to investigate, analyse and interrogate scientific data to ensure quality control of complex technological systems and to diagnose causes of discrepancies.
  5. Skills to identify problems, generate novel solutions and evaluate their effectiveness.
  6. Communication and research skills to interpret Medical Physics issues and justify decisions for specialist and non-specialist audiences.
  7. Technical and research skills to evaluate developments in diagnostic and therapeutic technology.
  8. Demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills with creativity and initiative to new situations in professional practice in fields related to Medical and Health Physics. 
  9. Demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills with a high level of personal autonomy and accountability.
  10. Demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills to plan and execute a substantial research-based project as a member of a collaborative team.
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