UC008 - Undergraduate Certificate in Data Science

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Plan: UC008 - Undergraduate Certificate in Data Science
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

Upon completion of this certificate you will have achieved the following program learning outcomes. Each of these programs learning outcomes is developed in much greater depth in the Bachelor of Data Science (BP340) program.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

Enabling Knowledge (PLO1)

  • Demonstrate a foundational body of knowledge that includes recent developments in computer science, information technology and statistics;
  • Understand and begin to use appropriate and relevant, fundamental and applied mathematical and statistical knowledge, methodologies and modern computational tools;

Critical Analysis (PLO2)

  • Evaluate and compare solutions to basic data analysis problems on the basis of organisational and user requirements;
  • Bring together and begin to apply knowledge to characterise, analyse and solve a range of statistical problems.

Problem Solving (PLO3)

  • Design and implement introductory data analytic techniques that accommodate specified requirements and constraints, based on analysis or modelling or requirements specification;
  • Apply foundational understanding of the balance between the complexity / accuracy of the mathematical / statistical models used and the timeliness of the delivery of the solution.

Communication (PLO4)

  • Communicate effectively with a variety of audiences through a range of modes and media

Team Work (PLO5)

  • Work collaboratively with others to form, manage, and successfully produce outcomes.

Responsibility (PLO6)

  • Begin to understand and apply relevant standards, ethical considerations, and an understanding of legal and privacy issues to managing and processing data;
  • Be responsible for your learning  and behaviours
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