Course Title: Access the Internet

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term1 2008

Course Code: COSC5243C

Course Title: Access the Internet

School: 345T Creative Media

Campus: City Campus

Program: C4171 - Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing

Course Contact : Brendan Lee

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 4368

Course Contact

Name and Contact Details of All Other Relevant Staff

Arthur Clover
Telephone: 9925 4269

Don Porter
Mobile: 041 850 4004

Nominal Hours: 10

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites

COSC5244C Design and Develop Text Documents

Course Description

The competency COSC5243C Access the Internet is taught alongside the competency COSC5244C Design and Develop Text Documents.
Together, these competencies form the course Computer Skills for Writers. In this course you are introduced to the Macintosh computer; the Microsoft Word word processing program, online editing techniques and the website design program Dreamweaver.
This course will increase your ability to create and format professional-looking documents. It will also give you the skills to set up your own blog and create your own website.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

ICPMM63BA Access the Internet


Identify and use local resources

Performance Criteria:

1.1 Identify installed internet software applications and state their purposes
1.2 Demonstrate how internet software can be used off line
1.3 Use unarchiving (uncompressing.extracting) software and virus scanner on downloaded files
1.4 Define and correctly use relevant terms such as ISDN, PPP, TCP/IP, Java, JavaScript, HTML, download, WWW
1.5 Identify and explain the type of Internet connection in use
1.6 Be aware of potential security risks and avoid them


Identify and use remote resources

Performance Criteria:

2.1 Search for files and documents using the World Wide Web search engines
2.2 Browse the WWW to find related sites via links
2.3 Retrieve files from the FTP repository
2.4 Send, download, read and respond to e-mail
2.5 Retrieve files attached to incoming e-mail and send attached files
2.6 Access newsgroups relevant to the industry
2.7. Demonstrate the use of at least one of: Telnet, Gopher, audio conferencing, video conferencing, chat (eg IRC), Archie

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to access the internet to create websites and a blog. You will also be able to create and edit a variety of text documents designed for online and printing.

Details of Learning Activities

Students will learn through lectures, demonstrations and practical workshops. The following topics will be covered using Dreamweaver:

  • Introduction to Dreamweaver
  • Creating images for the web
  • Anchors and their use
  • Intro to Framesets
  • Framesets and anchoring
  • Working on Major Assessment Item.

Teaching Schedule

This course is the second part of the class ’Computer Skills for Writers and Editors’. Part 2 offers a basic introduction to web site design and construction using Dreamweaver as the main software program. The course explores the program, the design process and writing in a web context. 

Week in Semester Topic
Introduction to Dreamweaver
Creating images for the web
Working on Major Assessment Item

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts


Other Resources

Students will receive additional handouts in class and use the website on Blackboard.

Overview of Assessment

Assessment for this course is ongoing throughout the semester. Your knowledge and understanding of course content is assessed through participation in series of practical exercises and projects designed to show competency in creating and editing text documents, and using the Internet to create web pages.

Assessment Tasks

Below are the assessment tasks for the class ’Computer Skills for Writers and Editors’, of which ’Access to the Internet’ is a part.

All assessment items for this class are due on 20 June.

Microsoft Word Assessment Tasks

Assessment item 1
Personal curriculum vitae
Application for position letter
Percentage weight: 5%

Assessment item 2
Edit copy supplied (2000 words) as an OCR file with alterations supplied
Student’s own 2000 words of formatted text.
Percentage weight: 30%

Assessment item 3
Reproduce table supplied (type/illustration layouts)
Percentage weight: 5%

Assessment item 4
Reproduce two examples of the use of tabs and tab leaders supplied
Percentage weight: 5%

Assessment item 5
Preparation of a mail list and letter. using Word’s mail merge function.
Percentage weight: 5%

Dreamweaver Assessment Tasks

Assessment item 1
Linking in Dreamweaver
Students will create a personalised website for themselves and their written work. For their website, students will produce all copy, source all images and create a basic design layout for a web page.
Percentage weight: 5%

Assessment item 2
Anchoring procedures in Dreamweaver.
Percentage weight: 5%

Assessment item 3
Percentage weight: 10%

Assessment item 4
Major Assessment Item
Produce a personalised web page using a minimum of 4 pages.
Percentage weight: 30% 

Assessment Matrix

Not applicable

Course Overview: Access Course Overview