Course Title: Manage Rehearsals

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Teaching Period: Term1 2007

Course Code: BUSM5993C

Course ID: 032844

Course Title: Manage Rehearsals

School: 345T Creative Media

Program Code: C5134 - Diploma of Screen

Course Contact : Adam Lovell

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 4976

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Dr Diane Charleson

Nominal Hours: 35

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

This course teaches the skills and knowledge required to manage rehearsals with the cast and crew of a production.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

CUFPOP13A Manage Rehearsals


CUFPOP13A/01    Prepare for rehearsals

Performance Criteria:

·  Photocopy and distribute scripts and schedules to relevant personnel as required

·  Tape up floor according to floor plan as required

·  Position props according to rehearsal requirements

·  Liaise with crew regarding call times

·  Assemble crew and cast as required by rehearsal schedule at the specified time


CUFPOP13A/02    Set up and run rehearsals

Performance Criteria:

·  Direct crew and cast to designated areas in accordance with production requirements and schedule

·  Ensure that the cast/extras are clearly informed of what is required of them, their cues, production schedule and facilities available to them

·  Ensure appropriate personnel/make-up and hairdressers and wardrobe assistants are on location as required

·  Conduct rehearsals with cast/extras or action to ensure technical details are all operational

·  Rehearse cast/extras performers to the artistic and technical standard required for performance

·  Schedule cast/extras as required by the production and notify appropriate personnel as necessary


CUFPOP13A/03    Manage extras

Performance Criteria:

·  Confirm production requirements for number and description of extras with appropriate personnel

·  Confirm method of payment with appropriate personnel

·  Brief extras to arrive prepared according to production schedule

·  Ensure ability of extra is matched to role requirements in discussion with relevant personnel

·  Brief and coach extras to meet their performance requirements

·  Collect extras time sheets and submit to appropriate personnel in time for processing


CUFPOP13A/04    Confirm and prepare for next rehearsal set-up

Performance Criteria:

Confirm and prepare for next rehearsal set-up
·  Confirm required elements of the next set-up with the appropriate personnel

·  Confirm next set-up is in accordance with production's safety plan with relevant personnel

·  Advise design and technical crew of schedule changes necessary to meet rehearsal requirements

·  Inform appropriate personnel of the readiness of the next set-up in terms of meeting rehearsal requirements



CUFPOP13A/05    Maintain working relations and communication with cast and crew during rehearsal

Performance Criteria:

·  Communicate with performers and crew regularly throughout the rehearsal in an open manner to maintain positive working relations

·  Provide clear instructions and directions in a manner that is appropriate to the rehearsal requirements, ensuring that rehearsal schedule is maintained

·  Communicate with personnel in a clear and concise manner to ensure efficient production practices and protocols


Learning Outcomes


Overview of Learning Activities

Details of Learning Activities

You will participate in a series of workshops that will inolve you actively in exploring your role as a director. You will explore visualisation and concentrate on techniques of working with and directing actors.

Teaching Schedule

Week 1            Orientation

Week 2            The role of the director

Week 3            The misc en scene

Week 4            Visual exercises related to misc en scene

Week 5             Viewing of the misc en scene exercises

Week 5            Interpreting the script visually

Week 6            Interpreting the script dramatically

Week 7            Introduction to acting techniques incuding improvistaion

Week 8            The Miesner method

Week 9            Method Acting

Week 10         Improvising the script

Week 11         Audition techniques

Week 12         Prepartion for directing a two handed scene

Week 13          Rehearsal for two handed scene

Week 14         Rehearsl for two handed scene

Week 15         Performance and analysis of two handed scenes

Week 16         Performance and analysis of two handed scenes

Week 17         Overview

Week 18        Revision

Overview of Learning Resources

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts

No prescribed text


To be advised by teacher

Other Resources

N/A refer to teachers

Overview of Assessment

Preparation and presentation of two handed scene 50%
Warm up exercise presentations 50%

Assessment Tasks

You will be required to

Work in groups to shhot a misc en scene exercise and report to class   50%

Work in groups to direct and perform a two handed scene using acting methods learnt in class   50%

Other Information

N/A refer to teacher

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