Course Title: Undertake business planning

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term1 2012

Course Code: BUSM6146C

Course Title: Undertake business planning

School: 345T Media and Communication

Campus: City Campus

Program: C5198 - Diploma of Creative Industries

Course Contact : program Administration - Adam Lovell

Course Contact Phone: 03 9925 4976

Course Contact

Name and Contact Details of All Other Relevant Staff

Teacher: Viv Weir
Phone: 9925-8012

Nominal Hours: 60

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

This course is designed to develop the skills and knowledge required to develop and implement a business plan and to achieve business goals and objectives. It is suitable for setting up business or existing small businesses or a department in a larger organisation. This course will cover business management and reports related to the financing and financial management of a business. This unit of completency is imported from the business services national training package, with necessary changes made to the range of variables and evidence guide statements ensuring its applicability to the other sectors of the creative industries. The National Training Package Code is BSBSBM404A.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

BSBSBM404A Undertake Business Planning


1. Identify elements of a business plan

Performance Criteria:

1.1 Components of a business plan relevant to a business opportunity identified and reviewed
1.2 Purpose of the business plan is identified
1.3 Business goals and objectives are identified and documented, as a basis for measuring business performance


2. Develop a business plan

Performance Criteria:

2.1 The business plan demonstrates research into customer needs, resources and legal requirements especially occupational health and safety, in accordance with business goals and objectives.
2.2 The financial plan identifies sources and costs of finance to provide required liquidity and profitability for the business.
2.3 Marketing/promotion strategies identify methods to promote the market exposure of the business
2.4 Production/operations plan identifies methods/means of production/operation to conform with business goals and objectives
2.5 Staffing requirements, are identified as required to effectively produce/deliver products/services
2.6 Specialist services and sources of advice are identified where required, and costed in accordance with resources available.


3. Develop strategies for minimising risks

Performance Criteria:

3.1 Specific interests and objectives of relevant people are identified and their support of the planned business direction is sought and confirmed
3.2 Risk management strategies are identified and developed according to business goals and objectives and relevant legal requirements
3.3 Contingency plan is developed to address possible areas of non conformance to plan.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, you will be able to develop a business plan which provides for finance, marketing and provision of products/services to facilitate the business goals and objectives and identify and plan for Occupational Health and Safety and Duty of Care responsibilities.

Details of Learning Activities

Learning activities will consist of :-
 Theory
 Practical exercises
 Independent project based work
 Group project based work
 Class presentation
 Class excursion

Teaching Schedule

WeekClass ContentElements

Course Overview of Assessments: Introduction to business in the Creative Industries
Business goals and objectives identified.   Assessment 1 - Ongoing

2Psychology of Business – Motivation, passion, barriers to success and goal setting1,2
3The Australian Creative Industries: The Creative Small Business and the purpose of a business plan. The business idea.3
4Business and Legal Requirements, Business registration, partnership, Pty Ltd Company.
Choosing the appropriate business structure
5Assessment 1 : Presentation (7 minutes)
The components of a business plan – writing the Executive Summary
Assessment 2 - due
6Marketing your business, the marketing plan.
How to write and submit a press release
7Business and Legal Requirements of a Creative Business. The use of Advisors, e.g. Accountants and Lawyers, Government Agencies, industry associations & consultants1,2,3
8Excursion – Business Victoria1,2,3
9Writing the Business Plan – The Executive Summary and The SWOT Analysis1,2,3
10Financial Planning – How to make money from your creative work.
Preparing the Financial Plan
11Business Planning – Establishment Costs
Obtaining an ABN and understanding the GST
12Revision of Business Plan1,2,3
13Student/Teacher Consultation1,2,3
14In class Presentation of your project
Assessment 3 - due
15In class Presentation of your project
Assessment 4 - due

Student/Teacher Consultation
Assessment and review


Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts

Class handouts


You are advised to look at the course Blackboard site for ongoing updated information.

Other Resources

USB storage – memory stick

Overview of Assessment

Students are develop a business plan which provides for finance, marketing and provision of products/services to facilitate the goals and objectives of the business. Identification and planning for Occupational Health and Safety, Duty of Care responsibilities and knowledge of relative legislation must be identified.

Assessment Tasks

To demonstrate competency in this course you will need to submit the following evidence.

Assessment Task No 1 (Ongoing)
Classroom Activities 15%
In class discussion/participation and use of social networking technologies and online learning activities. (Elements 1,2 & 3)

Assessment Task No 2
Presentation/Discussion 10%
In class presentation (7 minutes) of your business idea. Explain your reason for choosing this business and justify its feasibility. Discuss which legal structure (e.g. registered business, partnership or Pty Ltd Company) you have chosen and why. What are the disadvantages and advantages of your chosen business structure?
(Elements 1,2 & 3) Due Week 5

Assessment Task No 3
Presentation of Business Plan 25%
You will prepare and submit a Business Plan and present to the class. You should use PowerPoint to enhance your presentation. You should present your business idea and plan as if you are presenting to an investor or bank manager. (Elements 1,2 & 3) Due week 14

Assessment Task No 4
Documentation - Written Business Plan 50%
You will prepare and submit a written Business Plan covering all aspects of the business plan we have covered in class, e.g. the executive summary, marketing plan and financial plan.
(Elements 1,2 & 3) Due week 15

Assessment tasks in this unit are either ungraded or graded. Ungraded tasks provide the basis for ongoing feedback and can be considered as essential building blocks for more substantial (graded) assessment tasks.

For further information on the grading system and criteria used, please refer to the course blackboard site.

Grades used in this unit are as follows:

Grades which apply to curriculum-based courses:
80 – 100% HD High Distinction
70 – 79% DI Distinction
60 – 69% CR Credit
50 – 59% PA Pass
Under 50% NN Fail

Assessment Matrix

The assessment matrix demonstrated alignment of assessment tasks with the relevant Unit of Competency. These are available through the course contact in Program Administration

Other Information

Special consideration Policy (Late Submission)
All assessment tasks are required to be completed to a satisfactory level. If you are unable to complete any piece of assessment by the due date, you will need to apply for an extension.
Please refer to the following URL for extensions and special consideration:;ID=qkssnx1c5r0y;STATUS=A;PAGE_AUTHOR=Andrea%20Syers;SECTION=1;

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