Course Title: Identify purpose and performance outcomes of technical textile product

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term1 2010

Course Code: MANU7217C

Course Title: Identify purpose and performance outcomes of technical textile product

School: 350T Fashion & Textiles

Campus: Brunswick Campus

Program: C5210 - Diploma of Textile Technology and Production Management

Course Contact : Inna Konopov

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 9197

Course Contact

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Nominal Hours: 40

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

The course provides an extensive study in understanding technical textile products behaviour and performance, to identify the opportunities to develop a product on a market, to analyse various technical textile products in order to recognise the manufacturing process, to understand the impact of the fibre characteristics and used technologies on the technical textile products, to select the textile elements and manufacturing processes to design the final product for such industries as Automotive, Geo, Agro and Medical.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

LMTTN2006B Identify purpose and performance outcomes of technical textile product


1. Identify purpose of technical textile
2. Describe performance features of technical textile
3. Describe process used to generate technical textile performance features

Performance Criteria:

1.1 Purpose of technical textile is identified.
1.2 Industry and commercial applications of technical textile are identified.
2.1 Performance features of technical textile are described.
2.2 Special conditions of use of technical textile are described.
2.3 Performance or quality standards relating to technical textile are identified.
3.1 Technical textile product manufacturing process is briefly explained.
3.2 Impact of quality on production processes is identified.
3.3 Testing procedures used to assess quality or performance of technical textile product are identified.

Learning Outcomes

Details of Learning Activities

Blended learning consisting of classroom activities, laboratory experiments and practical workshops.

Teaching Schedule

Week Beginning Session – Topic Element
Performance Criteria
Assessment Tasks
8 February 2010Technical Textiles Market – an overview. Definition and scope of Technical Textiles. LMTTN2006B (1) 
15 February 2010Textile processes employed in the manufacture of technical textiles and applications. LMTTN2006B (1 &2) 
22 February 2010 Geotextiles. Essential properties of geotextiles. LMTTN2006B (1,2 &3) 
1 March 2010 Natural Fibre Geotextiles. Development of natural materials as geotextiles. Applications for natural geotextiles  LMTTN2006B (1,2 &3) 
8 March 2010 Research project on smart, protective and advanced textiles  LMTTN2006B (1,2 &3) Issue assessment Task1 requirement
15 March 2010 Medical Textiles – an introduction. Textile fibres used in medicine. Experimental work on superbsorbent fibres. LMTTN2006B (1,2 &3) Assessment Task 2- laboratory workshop
29 March 2010Semester Break  
6 April 2010 Medical Textiles – Clothing for hospital staff and patients LMTTN2006B (1 &2) 
12 April 2010 Rebuilding the body: Textile implants and hygiene products.  LMTTN2006B (1 &2) 
19 April 2010 Textiles in Defence. Criteria’s for modern military textile materials LMTTN2006B (1 &2) 
26 April 2010 Power Point Presentations on  Research project  LMTTN2006B (2 &3) Submission of assessment Task 1
3 May 2010 Technical Textiles testing to assess quality and/or performance characteristics
“Designing of a technical textile for a given application” -task 3 (project)
 LMTTN2006B (1 &2) Issue assessment Task 3 requirement
10 May 2010 Flame retardant, heat protective and ballistic protective textiles LMTTN2006B (3)  
17 May 2010 Textiles in transportation ( car, other road vehicles, rail, aircraft, marine) LMTTN2006B (3) 
24 May 2010 Innovations in technical textiles and  power point preview for “ technical textile design” – 20 min. student/teacher consultation  LMTTN2006B (1,2 &3) 
31 May 2010 Student assessment week - submission of ’ design of technical textile’  Submission of assessment Task 3
7 June 2010 Teacher assessment week  
14 June 2010Term break  
21 June 2010Term break  
28 June 2010Term break  

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts


1. Physical Properties of Textile Fibres. 4th Edition by Morton, W.E. and Hearle, J.S.
2. Textile Science, E. P. G. Gohl L. D
3. www.
4. www.

Other Resources

Overview of Assessment

Students will study the technical textile manufacturing processes, conduct research on material selection (fibre, yarn or fabric and associated materials) for various technical textile product applications including: transport, medical and hygiene products, construction and engineering, geo-textiles, protective and safety clothing, agriculture and fishing; understand the properties of technical textiles and performance characteristics, collect and analyse the technical effects desired to be achieved by the technical textile product through practical experimentation, laboratory classes and prescribed exercises.

Assessment Tasks

1. Conduct technical textile testing to assess quality and performance characteristics – Individual report (experimental work on superbsorbent fibres – Individual report 15 %)
2. Conduct market research for technical textile for a designated end use to determine fabric/product properties and effectiveness (20%)
3. Design technical textile for a given application - Individual report (65%)

Assessment Matrix


Task 1

Market research/ power point presentation/written report

Task 2

Demonstrations/ Laboratory workshops/ written report

Task 3

"Designing of a technical textile for a given application" - Project

Problem solving/written report/ presentation/ production/ experimentation/simulation

LMTTN2006B/01-Identify purpose of technical textileyes  
LMTTN2006B/02- Describe performance features of technical textile yes 
LMTTN2006B/03- Describe process used to generate technical textile performance features  Yes

Other Information

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