Course Title: Assist in preparation of preliminary design concepts

Part A: Course Overview

Program: C6086

Course Title: Assist in preparation of preliminary design concepts

Portfolio: DSC

Nominal Hours: 80.0

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Brunswick Campus


350T Fashion & Textiles


Term1 2010

Course Contact: Michelle Shepherd

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 9107

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Course Description

This Unit covers the skills and knowledge to assist with research and preparation of initial garment design concepts.

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

Students are required to have completed LMTFD4014A - Identify influencs on contemporary fashion design and construction techniques

National Competency Codes and Titles

National Element Code & Title:

LMTFD4003B Assist in preparation of preliminary design concepts


1. Interpret Design Brief within specified guidelines.

1.1 design Parameters are clarified, in consultation with designers, sales team management and client.

1.2 Strategy plan and critical path plan are develiped.

1.3 Constraints are identified and taken into account when clarifying brief.

2. Research relevant information within specified guidelines.

2.1 Trends in fabrics etc, are researched for performance, colour, availability, care and maintenance requirements and suitability to project or design.

2.2 Technical requirments associated with production are assessed, within specifided guidelines and according to OHS practices.

2.3 Any additional expertise required for project is identified

3. Contribute to design concepts

3.1 Preliminary concepts are worked out in conjunction with others to identify possibilities.

3.2 Story themes are developed using fashion magazines, samples, swatches, trims and colour palette.

3.3 Iteas are contributed and discussed with team members to enhance success of project.

3.4 Relevant support materials and explanations are developed and refined in conjunction with members of design team

4. Contribute to presentation of the design

4.1 Own role and relationship to others for presentation meeting is determined and rehearsed.

4.2 Presentation is assessed in a manner which promotes acceptance or approval of the design

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course , students will have gained skills and knowledge to:

Demonstrate an understanding of the preparation required to develope preliminary design concepts, produce sketches manually or using cad systems.

Students will be able to demonstate knowledge of the elements and principles of design and how they are used to created good design in the fashion industry, elements of garment construction, colour and colour mix interpretation, fabric, fibres, trims, assessories and their properties and characteristics.

Students will have a good understanding of how to research, the fashion industries global and local trends.

Overview of Assessment

Assessment will enable students to work in a group as well as individually. The assessed learning activities covered are:

Assessment 1 - Visual Diary - Students will prepare and develope initial garment design concepts through research, and the creation of a Visual diary capturing inspirational visual material that reflects trends of the current and forthcoming season.

Assessment 2 Self Assessment - Students will be introduced to self assessment to assist them in their learning.