Course Title: Professional Project 1

Part A: Course Overview

Course Title: Professional Project 1

Credit Points: 12

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Singapore Inst of Management


620H Business IT and Logistics


Offsh1 13

Course Coordinator: Vass Karpathiou

Course Coordinator Phone: +61 3 99255797

Course Coordinator

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

INTE1010 Information Systems Research Methods

Course Description

This course provides students with an opportunity to develop an understanding of the how to use strategies based on action learning and self-directed learning to ensure their ongoing professional development.
Professionals responsible for the management of Information Technology (IT) are particular-y prone to experiencing obsolescence because of the impact of the Internet on business and government as the new global economy is created. The course therefore is designed so that students explore principles and processes associated with effective investigative skills using self-directed learning strategies.
The course seeks to have students explore a topic, issue, or problem in a business environment with an emphasis on an IT aspect and report the outcomes of this investigation


Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development

At the conclusion of the course, students should be able to:
• Describe the processes involved in developing effective action learning projects;
• Design and document an appropriate self-directed learning contract dealing with matters associated with management of information and technology;
• Develop skills to investigate, choose develop and refine a focused research topic in-to a report of an action learning project.
• Execute this contract using field-based experiences in a business organization; and,
• Present appropriate evidence that describes an appropriate level of mastery of competencies set down in their learning contract.
* Develop a professional project with action learning

Overview of Learning Activities

The course will consist of a mix of lectures and class exercises. These activities will be sup-ported by related readings. Before attending the face-to-face workshops, you need to com-plete a series of preliminary exercises. These will create a review of your current strengths and weaknesses, a consideration of important drivers of change in the competencies required of information systems professionals and a consideration of the state of your current professional development. In the face-to-face workshops, you will be asked to design a feasible action-learning project.
The course asks you to develop a learning contract. Your contract needs to exhibit the es-sential features of an effective self-directed learning activity. Usually, the arena in which you fulfil this contract is your place of work or the industry in which you are employed.
Your project write up requires you to collect evidence that effective learning has occurred. The focus of this learning should centre on you gaining new insights and skills that you did not have before undertaking your project.
Your project will conclude with a report of your activity. This written report will include an assessment of what your discovered in your project.
Students’ comments on their experience of the course will be welcomed. Regular spot checks will be taken concerning student progress in the project. Students will be able to suggest changes to the balance and to the focus of the program. Participants will discuss these matters regularly with their lecturer.
Students also are encouraged to use email to raise questions, communicate difficulties, and to point to resources and experiences that they have found helpful. Particular personal difficulties are best dealt with personally with supervisors, or, where suitable, by email.

Overview of Learning Resources

Learning resources will be available via myRMIT and Blackboard.

Overview of Assessment

Assessment may consist of individual or group tasks. There is no examination in this course.