Course Title: Mechanics and Modern Physics

Part A: Course Overview

Course Title: Mechanics and Modern Physics

Credit Points: 12.00


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Learning Mode

Teaching Period(s)


City Campus


135H Applied Sciences


Sem 2 2006,
Sem 2 2007,
Sem 2 2008,
Sem 2 2009

Course Coordinator: Assoc Prof Salvy Russo

Course Coordinator Phone: +61 3 9925 2601

Course Coordinator Email:

Course Coordinator Location: 14.06.23

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

Students must have the mechanics capability inculcated in PHYS1046 Mechanics and Thermodynamics.

Course Description

The aim of this second year core course is to introduce students to the various formulations of classical and quantum mechanics appropriate for different applications. It also extends first year learning of basic principles of theoretical and modern physics.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development

At the end of the course the student should:

  • be able to solve elementary problems about the behaviour of particles and extended objects in classical mechanics including central force problems, rigid body motion and small vibrations;
  • be able solve simple one dimensional quantum problems using the Schroedinger equation;
  • be capable of communicating and explaining these concepts to others;
  • be able to apply the theory they have learned to novel physical situations.

Overview of Learning Activities

Students will learn in this course by:

  • attendance at lectures where material will be presented and explained, and the subject will be illustrated with demonstrations and examples;
  • private study, working through the theory as presented in lectures, texts and notes, and gaining practice at solving conceptual and numerical problems;
  • formative assessment through tests and/or assignments 

Overview of Learning Resources

The lecture notes and/or textbooks will provide a significant basis for learning in this course. Online resources through the Learning Hub will be provided where pertinent. Textbooks and recommended references will be available through the RMIT Bookshop and Library.

Overview of Assessment

Some of the assessment is done continuously throughout the semester. There will be a major final examination in the course.