Course Title: System Support Project 1

Part A: Course Overview

Course Title: System Support Project 1

Credit Points: 24.00


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Learning Mode

Teaching Period(s)


City Campus


115H Aerospace, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Distance / Correspondence or Face-to-Face

Sem 2 2011,
Sem 1 2013


City Campus


115H Aerospace, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Distance / Correspondence or Face-to-Face or Internet



City Campus


115H Aerospace, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering


Sem 1 2015,
Sem 1 2016,
Sem 2 2016

Course Coordinator: Prof. John Mo

Course Coordinator Phone: +61 3 9925 6279

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Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

MANU 2178 Support Solution Architecture

Course Description


The course is designed to assist students to develop their professional skills, broaden their technical outlook and apply integrated system support architectural concepts to real work situations. You will complete the system support project in two consecutive courses: System Support Project 1 and System Support Project 2, each with 24 credit points. Each course has to be completed in one semester.

This course, System Support Project 1, aims to initiate the project, define the scope, carry out literature review or project appraisal studies and develop some proof-of-concept prototype if the circumstances allow. You will also learn from this course the required research analysis techniques for carrying out the project. The course will review various data analysis methods that you would have learned in your undergraduate program or other work experience situations, for example, from your company’s project management and execution procedures and processes. You will also have the opportunity to learn how an academic research document is written as compared to one that is written for layman or people not working in your area of expertise. The outcome of this course is a full report on the studies (including preliminary investigations, literature review, project preparation and continuation project plan.

This course focuses practical application of the theory and practices studied in the eight previous courses. You will assume the role of a system support architect and solution manager having overall responsibility to design, develop and implement system support solutions for the customer. You also have the authority to decide the solution architecture that you and your team will be managing. 

Areas of investigation may include business thinking, creative within system constraints, all aspects of system support engineering. This course will make reference to all the knowledge threads above. Specific project may connect to the design, construction, production, implementation, commissioning, support and control of support systems. Projects should be closely related to the work requirements. Internal supervision from any sponsoring company will be arranged in addition to the thesis supervision by the university. In some cases, where the industry project is too big to be handled by one person, multiple students can be assigned to the project with clear indication of individual responsibilities. 

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development


This course contributes to the following program learning outcomes:


1. Needs, Context and Systems

  • Describe, investigate and analyse complex engineering systems and associated issues (using systems thinking and modelling techniques)

2. Problem Solving and Design

  • Develop creative and innovative solutions to engineering problems
  • Anticipate the consequences of intended action or inaction and understand how the consequences are managed collectively by your organisation, project or team

4. Professional Practice

  • Initiate, plan, lead or manage engineering activities
  • Understand the scope, principles, norms, accountabilities and bounds of contemporary engineering practice in the specific discipline


Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs)

Upon successful completion of this course you should be able to:

  1. Plan and effectively manage an independent research project at a professional engineering level.
  2. Locate and critically review scientific literature relevant to your research project
  3. Apply sound engineering practices and research methods to undertake project work
  4. Communicate the aims and initial findings of a research project to a professional audience

Overview of Learning Activities


This course uses work-integrated-learning. You will choose a suitable support scenario within your work environment with guidance from both company staff and university instructors. The industry supervisor will have equal responsibility towards all aspects of the project. If you are not working in a suitable environment then a support scenario will be developed in consultation with university instructors.

The project scenario will be modelled using an agreed modelling approach. A support solution design concept will be developed. You will carry out preliminary evaluation using defined metrics. Specific project plans will be developed using company process assets to further demonstrate understanding of how the support solution could be implemented.

Overview of Learning Resources

All learning resources including reading materials, literature and case studies are available on the course Blackboard (accessed via myRMIT).

Overview of Assessment


X This course has no hurdle requirements.

☐ All hurdle requirements for this course are indicated clearly in the assessment regime that follows, against the relevant assessment task(s) and all have been approved by the College Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching).

Assessment item:  Project proposal
Weighting of final grade:  35%     
Related course learning outcomes:  1, 2

Assessment item:  End of semester report
Weighting of final grade:  65%        
Related course learning outcomes:  1, 2, 3, 4