Course Title: Senior Physical and Health Education

Part A: Course Overview

Course Title: Senior Physical and Health Education

Credit Points: 12.00


Course Code




Learning Mode

Teaching Period(s)


Bundoora Campus


160H Medical Sciences


Sem 1 2010,
Sem 1 2011,
Sem 1 2012,
Sem 1 2013,
Sem 1 2014,
Sem 1 2015,
Sem 1 2016


Bundoora Campus


360H Education


Sem 1 2017,
Sem 1 2018

Course Coordinator: Jason Wong

Course Coordinator Phone: +61 3 9925 7095

Course Coordinator Email:

Course Coordinator Location: 220.04.16

Course Coordinator Availability: By email

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

Enforced Pre-requisites:  

You should have successfully completed the first three years of methods of teaching health and physical education in the Bachelor of Applied Science (Physical Education) program (OHTH2121, OHTH2122, OHTH2123, OHTH2124, OHTH2125, OHTH2126) or equivalent.

Course Description

This is a final year course designed to provide you with the opportunity to apply a range of knowledge and skills in the development and evaluation of Senior Secondary School Physical and Health Education. The Senior Physical and Health Education course is designed to prepare beginning teachers on how to teach post-compulsory physical and health education. It aims to introduce you to the structure and content of the VCE Physical Education and Health and Human Development study designs and introduce you to the growing area of IB, VCAL and VET, specifically Sport and Recreation. The course aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills to plan, teach, assess and resource post-compulsory physical and health education. You will examine the relationship between various teaching and student learning strategies that enhance learning at senior secondary school levels. Concomitant development and application of group skills, communication skills and the ability to examine and deliberate accurately and objectively will take place while developing curriculum as part of this course.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development


This course contributes to the following Program Learning Outcomes for BP041 Bachelor of Applied Science (Health and Physical Education):

  1. Develop content knowledge and how to teach it (PLO 2)
  2. Plan and implement effective teaching and learning strategies (PLO 3)
  3. Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning (PLO 5)
  4. Engage professionally with colleagues, parent/carers and the community (PLO 7)


This course contributes to your development of the following Victorian Institute of Teaching and Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership National Professional Standards for Teachers (AITSL): 

On completion of this course you should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the structure and content of the VCE Physical Education and VCE Health and Human Development study designs
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of VCAL, VET and IB  in secondary schools
  3. Develop an understanding of Senior Physical and Health Education by focusing on the following areas:
    1. knowledge of classroom presentation techniques appropriate for teaching in the senior school
    2. an understanding of criterion-based assessment
    3. knowledge or resources for teaching in Senior Physical Education and Health Education
    4. an understanding of how to integrate content, school assessed coursework and exam preparation
    5. the integration of information communication technology into teaching
    6. confidence that upon employment they can teach VCE Physical Education, Health and Human Development
    7. Develop an understanding of ethical and professional issues that impact a teacher.

Overview of Learning Activities

The course is offered face-to face. Lectures, independent reading, group work and problem-based learning are the learning activities for this course. You will focus on the responsible, safe and legal use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). You will apply your learning using problem based learning to develop a curriculum for one of the Senior Physical and Health Education courses.  You will be required to critically evaluate the contribution of group members that contributed to your curriculum design assignment. 

Forty eight hours (48) of lecturer guided learning (lectures, workshop/practical classes) and seventy two hours (72) of self-directed learning through online activities and independent study.

Overview of Learning Resources

Learning resources in this course include texts, lecture notes, practical exercises, handouts and references on selected topics. The Blackboard LMS provides opportunities for you to independently access much of this material. It will be to your advantage to access and review lecture notes and related materials prior to class. These should not however be viewed as a complete set of lecture note materials.

Overview of Assessment

You will be assessed on how well you meet the course’s learning outcomes and on your development against the program capabilities.

Assessment may include reports, projects and presentations, individually and in groups. Assessment in the course will be both theoretical and practical in nature. A range of formative and summative assessment types will be incorporated into the course (for example, written report, resource portfolio, lesson plans, curriculum design).

Feedback will be given on all assessment tasks.

Assessment Tasks:

1. Applied Theory Teaching Assignment (30%)
This assessment task supports CLOs 1,3

2. Written Assignment – Part A Planning and Assessment Project (20%)
This assessment task supports CLOs 1,2,3

3. Written Assignment – Part B Planning, Content, Resources and Assessment Project (50%)This assessment task supports CLOs 1,2,3

Please note the following requirement applies to the course OHTH2146 due to accreditation with the VIT:

In order to pass the course, you are required to actively participate in 80% of workshop and practical sessions for Class 1 and 80% for workshop and practical sessions Class 2. If you fail to actively participate in the sessions for reasons other than those approved by special considerations, additional sessions will not be provided by the course. If granted Special Consideration, you will become eligible to complete supplementary sessions to meet the hurdle requirement. If you arrive after the class has commenced or leave before the class finishes, you will be marked as having arrived late or left early. You will be provided with one warning, and for each subsequent instance this behaviour will be marked as an absence and not contribute to the 80% active participation required to pass this course. There are also specific aspects of the course that require 100% attendance to meet the requirements without penalty (applied theory teaching assignment weeks), cybersafety certificate week. It is expected that as Year 4 students you attend all classes unless you have a special consideration.

If you have a long term medical condition and/or disability it may be possible to negotiate to vary aspects of the learning or assessment methods. You can contact the program coordinator or the Disability Liaison Unit if you would like to find out more.