Course Title: Business in Society

Part A: Course Overview

Course Title: Business in Society

Credit Points: 12.00


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City Campus


610P BUS Portfolio Office


Sem 2 2022


RMIT University Vietnam


610P BUS Portfolio Office


Viet3 2022


RMIT Vietnam Hanoi Campus


610P BUS Portfolio Office


Viet3 2022

Course Coordinator: Keith Toh

Course Coordinator Phone: +61399251458

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Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities


Course Description

Business has an urgent need to reconsider the way it interacts with and contributes to society. In this course students will identify and evaluate major contemporary global challenges and trends impacting society and explore business opportunities for driving sustainable innovation. This course gives students a view of the evolving relationship between business and society, and how both exist and respond to markets, social and environmental pressures. Students are invited to reflect on their strengths, talents and what success means. Students will conduct an environmental scan of professional worlds and engage with various reflection and feedback methods to situate themselves within these worlds. As a result, students begin to develop a professional sense that can contribute to positive changes in the world. This will be structured in the context of a reflective portfolio that communicates their vision and emerging professional self to various audiences. As a future business professional, this will equip students to deal with the unexpected, shape their own lives and contribute to the well-being of others. For our course, we will not adopt a passive position, as we are also consumers in society. We will partner with students in developing their professional identity, through active learning and reflection through case studies and problem solving. Business in Society students and teachers are active participants, in a global call for action, for ethical business behaviour, human rights and management of stakeholders including government. Students will learn about diversity and inclusion, and reflect on how business models change.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

CLO1: Analyse and question major global or national social, political, economic or environmental issues facing the world today in the context of business citizenship

CLO2: Understand how businesses can develop solutions to respond to increasing demand for sustainability, transparency and good governance

CLO3: Articulate perspectives on the future of business and the implications for various industries

CLO4: Self-reflect and begin to identify personal strengths, cultivate ethical behaviours and a global mindset so as to develop a professional identity

CLO5: Examine diverse world views, histories and experiences, to elicit insights for professional practice and reflect on the relationships between business, society and the environment

Overview of Learning Activities

You will be encouraged to act as an active learner and engage in a variety of learning activities including, but not limited to: reading; watching multi-media materials; discussing/debating ideas; analysing case studies; conducting research; problem solving; working in a team. You will be provided with pre-class readings and review questions. You will learn through online discussions and collaborative activities. This course is offered at multiple locations employing different learning modes. This means that the nature of the learning activities may vary depending on where you are enrolled.

Overview of Learning Resources

Various learning resources are available online through MyRMIT Studies/Canvas. The lecture notes and workshop notes are posted on Canvas.

RMIT Library provides extensive resources, services and study spaces. All RMIT students have access to scholarly resources including course related material, books, e-books, journals and databases.

Computers and printers are available at every Library. You can access the Internet and Library e-resources. You can also access the RMIT University wireless network in the Library.

Contact: Ask the Library for assistance and information on Library resources and services: Study support is available for assistance with assignment preparation, academic writing, information literacy, referencing, maths and study skills.  Additional resources and/or sources to assist your learning will be identified by your course coordinator and will be made available to you as required during the teaching period.

Overview of Assessment

Assessment Task 1: 30%
Linked CLOs: 1, 2, 3

Assessment Task 2: 30%
Linked CLOs: 4, 5

Assessment Task 3: 40%
Linked CLOs: 1, 5