Course Title: Assist with administration in dental practice

Part A: Course Overview

Program: C3299 Certificate III in Dental Assisting

Course Title: Assist with administration in dental practice

Portfolio: SEH Portfolio Office

Nominal Hours: 30

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Learning Mode

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City Campus


155T Vocational Health and Sciences

Face-to-Face or Workplace

Term1 2013,
Term2 2013,
Term1 2014,
Term2 2014,
Term1 2015,
Term2 2015,
Term1 2016,
Term2 2016

Course Contact: Ms. Suzanne Dellas Fatone

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9341 1406

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Course Description

This unit of competency describes the skills and knowledge required for a dental assistant to assist the operator by managing appointments to suit the client and the organisation, to record and reconcile payments and to maintain client records

All procedures are carried out in accordance with work health and safety (WHS) policies and procedures, current infection control guidelines, Australian and New Zealand Standards, State/Territory legislative requirements and organisation policy

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

This unit must be assessed after successful achievement of pre-requisites:

        HLTDA303D Prepare for and assist with oral health care procedures
        HLTIN301C Comply with infection control policies and procedures
        HLTIN302C Process reusable instruments and equipment in the health care setting
        HLTWHS200A Participate in WHS processes

National Competency Codes and Titles

National Element Code & Title:

HLTDA306D Assist with administration in dental practice


1. Communicate effectively with clients and other persons

2. Respond appropriately to enquiries from clients and visitors

3. Allocate appointments appropriate to client and organisation requirements

4. Calculate and record basic financial transactions

5. Handle cash and record financial transactions

6. Maintain client records

7. Assist with client recalls

Learning Outcomes

1.1 Greet clients and other visitors appropriately
1.2 Make available an appropriate environment for the client to complete medical, dental and financial details
1.3 Listen carefully and be sensitive to client and/or carer point of view
1.4 Provide information to client and/or carer appropriately and completely using language that can be easily understood
1.5 Ensure client and/or carer understands information provided to them
1.6 Show empathy and respect for client and/or carer by being polite and avoiding negative comments

2.1 Maintain personal dress and presentation
2.2 Operate communication equipment effectively
2.3 Respond to enquiries promptly, politely and ethically
2.4 Determine the purpose of an enquiry, the identity of the person and retrieve relevant record/s if required
2.5 Prioritise messages and record them legibly and accurately
2.6 Refer enquiries outside area of responsibility and/or knowledge to appropriate supervisor
2.7 Comply with organisation protocols for electronic communication with clients and/or carers
2.8 Maintain confidentiality of information relating to clients, staff and the dental practice/organisation

3.1 Identify the client’s appointment requirements
3.2 Agree an appointment time which meets the client’s preferences and the organisation’s requirements
3.3 Record the appointment details accurately and legibly using standard dental notation in the organisations appointment system
3.4 Provide a copy of appointment details to the client
3.5 Monitor appointment schedules and notify clients and the oral health care team of any necessary changes within a suitable timeframe

4.1 Complete petty cash vouchers accurately and account for all monies
4.2 Calculate correct fees
4.3 Apply GST where appropriate in line with identified requirements
4.4 Check and record legibly and accurately payments received
4.5 Validate cheques and credit card vouchers
4.6 Provide the client with a receipt

5.1 Balance accurately monies received against records of payment in accordance with organisation policies
5.2 Secure cash is secured in an approved location
5.3 Respond to suspected breaches of security and take the appropriate action with minimum delay in accordance with organisation policies
5.4 Identify a record of bad debts and take appropriate action in line with office procedures
5.5 Follow banking procedures in accordance with organisation policies

6.1 Remove the correct client files and attach the appropriate fees and diagnostic records
6.2 Place files in order of appointment
6.3 Enter information legibly, accurately and update as appropriate
6.4 File client dental records correctly after use
6.5 Maintain up-to-date, accurate, legible and complete records of laboratory work

7.1 Apply knowledge of a client recall system
7.2 Mark client records with the relevant recall date as appropriate and as directed by the operator
7.3 Identify clients who are due for recall and notify them that an appointment is due
7.4 Follow-up with courtesy those clients who do not respond to a recall appointment request

Overview of Assessment

Assessment will include demonstration of underpinning skills and knowledge, assessment activities may include quizzes, project work, simulated computer demonstration and written work.