Course Title: TCF Merchandising & Marketing

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term1 2008

Course Code: MKTG5410L

Course Title: TCF Merchandising & Marketing

School: 350T Fashion & Textiles

Campus: Brunswick Campus

Program: C5165 - Diploma of Textiles Clothing and Footwear

Course Contact : Yuping Li

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 9145

Course Contact

Name and Contact Details of All Other Relevant Staff

Kelly Pascoe
+61 3 9925 9177  

Building: 511
Level: 1
Room: 7

Nominal Hours: 51

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

To Provide learners with skills, knowledge and attitudes to become competent to:

• Complete a situation analysis to TCF industry standards
• Identify principles of marketing
• Understand marketing terminologies

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

LMTPDCL01A Assist In Prepar Of Prelim Design Concepts 05/


LMTPDCL01A/01 Interpret design brief within specified guidelines

Performance Criteria:

• Design parameters are clarified, in consultation with designer, sales team, management and/or client, where required.
• A strategy plan and/or critical path plan is developed, when required.
• Constraints are identified and taken into account when clarifying the brief.


LMTPDCL01A/02 Research relevant information within specified guidelines

Performance Criteria:

• Trends in fabrics, etc. are researched for performance, colour, availability, care/maintenance requirements and suitability to project or design.
• Technical requirements associated with production are assessed, within specified guidelines.
• Any additional expertise required for the project is identified.


LMTPDCL01A/03 Contribute to design concepts

Performance Criteria:

• Preliminary concepts are worked out in conjunction with others to identify possibilities.
• Story themes are developed using fashion magazines, samples, swatches, trims and colour palette.
• Ideas are contributed and discussed with team members to enhance the success of the project.
• Relevant support materials and explanations are developed and refined in conjunction with members of the design team.


LMTPDCL01A/04 Contribute to the presentation of design/s

Performance Criteria:

• Own role and relationship to others for the presentation meeting is determined and rehearsed.
• Presentation is assessed in a manner which promotes the design’s acceptance/approval.

National Element Code & Title:

RUAAG5501BCA Develop A Marketing Plan 04/7


RUAG5501BC/01 Determine business and financial requirements

Performance Criteria:

• The cash flow capacity of each production option for the property is determined.
• Profit potential of each option or combination of options is determined.
• Break even price is determined.
• Price risk factors are identified.


RUAG5501BC/02 Obtain and analyse market information

Performance Criteria:

• Behaviour of factors influencing price, supply and demand is monitored.
• Information obtained is organised into a form to aid decision making.
• Information obtained is assessed for validity and reliability.
• Information is analysed to develop conclusions based on appropriate evidence and reasoning.
• Information is sought and updated on all relevant factors affecting prices, supply and demand is monitored.


RUAG5501BC/03 Develop marketing plan

Performance Criteria:

• Estimates of product quality and quantity are made.
• Markets and organisations available to sell products to are identified.
• Areas of marketing risk are identified and methods for managing the risk are used.
• Marketing plan is documented.
• Organisations providing assistance about farm product selling are identified and used appropriately.


RUAG5501BC/04 Implement marketing plan

Performance Criteria:

• Market conditions are monitored to the marketing plan.
• Market movements initiate marketing plan targets.
• Purchasing organisations’ viability is assessed through the collection and analysis of information.
• “Terms of Payment” offered by each buyer are obtained, negotiated for advantage and analysed for impact on farm finances.
• Holding of product delivery arrangements are considered for their impact on farm cash flow and profit.
• Contracts/agency agreements are negotiated in line with the marketing plan.
• The product is sold in line with the marketing plan.


RUAG5501BC/05 Evaluate the marketing plan

Performance Criteria:

• Performance indicators are identified.
• Actual marketing outcomes are compared to marketing plan.
• Action is taken to remedy poor performance areas.
• Areas of positive performance are identified.
• Strategies to ensure positive performance are incorporated into new marketing plan.

Learning Outcomes

Refer to other sections of guide

Details of Learning Activities


a) Lecture and tutorials to acquire the underpinning knowledge in marketing principles and to develop a situation analysis.
b) Group work to develop a situation analysis.
c) Internet research to gather information for the situation analysis
d) Reflective journal writing to develop communication skills and to be able to work in a team
e) Case studies, practical exercises and activities on marketing concepts and principles

Teaching Schedule

11/02/08 Orientation/learning styles
18/02/08 The field of Marketing
25/02/08 The marketing environment
04/03/08 Melbourne Fashion Festival
10/03/08 Gathering marketing information
17/03/08 Test 1
Group formation
Assignment issued
24/03/08 - 04/04/08 Term break
07/04/08 Market segmentation, targeting and positioning
14/04/08 Understanding the consumer market
21/04/08 Understanding the business market
28/04/08 Test 2
05/05/08 Product planning and development
12/05/08 Product management strategies
19/05/08 Pricing strategies
26/05/08 Distribution strategies
02/06/08 The promotional program
Group assignment due
09/06/08 Strategic marketing
16/06/08 Final examination
23/06/08 Re-sits

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts


Other Resources

Essential Learning Resources:

Peter Rix, Marketing a practical approach (6th edition), McGraw Hill, 2007

Reference resources:

Kotler, Adam, Brown & Armstrong, Principles of Marketing, 2nd edition, Prentice Hall, 2003

Overview of Assessment

Refer to Assessment Tasks

Assessment Tasks

1. Individual test 1 (20%)
2. Individual test 2 (20%)
3. Individual examination (40%) on Marketing mix and principles of marketing
4. Group assignment - Situation analysis of a TCF & L company (20%)

• Learners can make a claim for Approved Prior Learning on entry to the course

• Criteria for your results: HD (high distinction – indicative score 80-100%) or DI (distinction – indicative score 70-79%) or CR (credit – indicative score 60-69%) or PA (pass – indicative score 50-59%) or NN (fail – indicative score 0-49%).

• Negotiation to vary assessment methods may be made in special circumstances. This is subject to the discretion of the trainer after consideration of the learner’s request and is done on a needs basis.

Assessment Matrix

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