BP253 - Bachelor of Business (International Business)

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Plan: BP253SIM - Bachelor of Business (International Business)
Campus: Singapore Inst of Management

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

In this program you will learn and apply the relevance and utility of a range of international business theories dealing with complex issues in international trade, finance and management. You will gain knowledge about the influences of political, economic, social and cultural factors on international business, and socially responsible business practice globally. You will develop skills and abilities to manage business in a variety of contexts, and apply your knowledge and skills to think critically, creatively and morally about functions and strategies of international business organisations in competitive business environments.

On the successful completion of this program you will be equipped to:

  1. Apply broad theoretical and technical knowledge of business practice in diverse contexts.
  2. Integrate specialist theoretical knowledge with technical skills to provide in-depth specialist and professional advice related to international business operations and strategy, cross culture management and ethical standards.
  3. Critically analyse and synthesise information to formulate effective business decisions.
  4. Apply reasoned judgements to solve problems in a variety of business contexts with reference to ethical, regulatory and global perspectives.
  5. Reflect on performance feedback to identify and action strategies for improvement.
  6. Communicate business data and concepts to professionals and non-professionals in diverse contexts.
  7. Apply an adaptive and collaborative approach to working with others in a variety of business and professional contexts.
  8. Integrate and apply professional theory with practice in authentic Work Integrated Learning (WIL) contexts.
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