Course Title: Select and apply drawing techniques and media to represent and communicate the concept

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term1 2010

Course Code: GRAP5311C

Course Title: Select and apply drawing techniques and media to represent and communicate the concept

School: 320T Design (TAFE)

Campus: Brunswick Campus

Program: C4158 - Certificate IV in Design

Course Contact : Abby Seymour

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 9426

Course Contact

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Nominal Hours: 80

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to develop drawings that represent and communicate the concept. This is a core unit that compliments all the specialisation units.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

CUVCOR09B Select and apply drawing techniques and media to represent and communicate the concept


1. Research suitable drawing techniques for representing the concept.

Performance Criteria:

1.1 Identify appropriate sources of information relating to a range of techniques and materials and their application to the communication of a concept .
1.2 Systematically gather and organise the information.
1.3 Evaluate information in terms of the application of techniques and materials to the concept.
1.4 Select a range of possible techniques taking into account communication of the concept and the presentation context .


2. Determine purpose for drawings.

Performance Criteria:

2.1 Identify purpose, scope and presentation context of drawing requirements.
2.2 Identify any technical requirements or specifications.
2.3 Select a range of possible techniques taking into account communication of the concept and the presentation context.


3. Explore drawing techniques and produce drawings.

Performance Criteria:

3.1 Select appropriate materials and tools for drawing.
3.2 Draw the concept using the range of selected techniques.
3.3 Evaluate suitability of each technique in terms of its success in communicating the concept within the presentation context.
3.4 Select the drawing/s which best communicate/s the concept within the presentation context.
3.5 Prepare drawing/s for the identified presentation context

Learning Outcomes

Details of Learning Activities

  • 9 x Drawing Exercises
  • 2 Drawing briefs involving research, media and techniques
  • 1 x journal exploring and researching media/ techniques and observational drawing
  • classroom easel drawing
  • drawing in situ/outdoors from life
  • life drawing directly from a life model

Teaching Schedule

WeekWeek BeginningActivitiesPerformance criteria
18 FebO Week 
215 FebExercise 1 Brief 1 Journal Introduction to drawing course1.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
322 FebExercise 2
Structural Drawing
1.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
41 MarExercise 3
Cross Contouring
1.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
58MarExercise 4
Mix Media and water colour
8 Mar
8 Mar Public Holiday
1.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
615 MarExercise 5
Cross Hatch, Mixed Media
1.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
722 MarExercise 6
Positive and negative
1.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
829Exercise 7. Tone, charcoal1.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
 Term Break 1Friday April 2nd-April 12 
912 AprilExercise 8
1.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
1019 AprilBlobs to complete1.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
Exercise 9
Bracelet shading
1.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
123 MayExercise 9 continued
1.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
1310 MayDrawing Brief 11.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
1417 MayDrawing Brief 11.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
1524 MayLife Drawing animated1.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
1631 MayLife Drawing animated1.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
177 JuneAssessment1.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
 Term 2 BreakMon, June 18-Friday July 2 
15 JulyDrawing Brief 21.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
212 JulyDrawing Brief 21.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
319 JulyDrawing Brief 21.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
426 JulyDrawing Brief 21.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5
 Submit all projects briefs 1.1-.4,2.1-2.3, 3.1-3.5

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts


Other Resources

Other visual research

Overview of Assessment

Folio of exercises


Visual Journal

Students will be tutored with a verbal and/or written evaluation of their progress, within class time.
A final assessment of Competency Achieved or Not Yet Competent will be given at the end of the course when students will submit all completed work.
To be deemed competent students must satisfactorily complete all Learning Elements and related Performance Criteria.
Grading will be offered in addition to, and after, competency based assessment.

Assessment Tasks

  • Class exercises 50%
  • 2 drawing briefs 40%
  • 1 Support drawing journal 10%

Assessment Matrix

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