Course Title: Coordinate advertising research

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term2 2015

Course Code: MKTG7823C

Course Title: Coordinate advertising research

School: 650T Vocational Business Education

Campus: City Campus

Program: C5226 - Diploma of Advertising

Course Contact : Sally Parrott

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 5175

Course Contact

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Teacher: Joseph Matthews

Nominal Hours: 50

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

This unit applies to individuals working in a supervisory or management advertising role within an advertising team or media organisation.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

BSBADV503B Coordinate advertising research


1. Assess advertising research requirements

Performance Criteria:

1.1.Analyse information about the consumer, the product and the market environment to identify and justify the need for further research

1.2.Assess creative concepts to determine and justify the need for concept testing

1.3.Assess media options and scheduling to determine and substantiate the need for media research

1.4.Identify and assess legal, ethical and cultural considerations for advertising research to determine their impact on research methods


2. Select research methods

Performance Criteria:

2.1.Confirm research budget and timeframe in selecting appropriate research method/s

2.2.Assess the capacity of primary and secondary research methods to provide the required information

2.3.Select pre-test advertising method/s which are the most likely to provide the required information on time and within budget

2.4.Prepare a research brief that specifies research objectives and method/s, budget, time, schedule and reporting requirements



3. Utilise advertising research findings

Performance Criteria:

3.1 Analyse research results using appropriate techniques to identify findings and their impact on advertising strategies, budgets and timelines

3.2 Adjust advertising strategies, budgets and time lines to reflect research findings

3.3 Revise advertising strategies to meet legal and ethical requirements, and the requirements of the advertiser

Learning Outcomes

This unit covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to conduct primary and secondary advertising research to test advertising themes and ideas.

Details of Learning Activities

This unit is co-delivered with ’Interpret market trends and developments’

Teaching Schedule

1 Introduction to the Course including:
• Course requirements
• Course support documents
• Course Blackboard access
• Accuracy of enrolment
• Assessment requirements/Cover Sheets
• Reminder re Plagiarism
• Reminder re Appeals
• Extensions/Resubmissions
• Feedback in this course
• Reminder re submission requirements
• Getting help 

2 13 July 2015 Business research requirements and market analysis
• Research data sets, terms, definitions / Workshop & skills practice 

3 20 July 2015 Research sources: Primary, Secondary, ACORN, MOSAIC, PRIZM ,Others 

4 27 July 2015 ASSESSMENT TASK 1 - TEST in class (must attend)  Assessment Task 1 Due

5 3 Aug. 2015 Research workshop & skills practice  

6 10 Aug. 2015 Legal, ethical and cultural considerations in market research, Codes of Practice  

7 17 Aug 2015 Research workshop & skills practice 

8 24 Aug. 2015 How to prepare a report for an organizational presentation  

 Mid semester break 

9 7 Sept. 2015 Advertising research methods and concept testing Assessment Task 2 Due

10 14 Sept. 2015 Advertising research methods and concept testing 

11 21 Sept. 2015 Advertising research methods and concept testing 

12 28 Sept. 2015 How to make an effective presentation  

13 5 Oct 2015 Workshop on finalising reports and presentations 

14 12 Oct. 2015 Presentations  

15 19 Oct. 2015 Presentations Assessment Task 3 Due

16 26 Oct. 2015 Interviews/Assessment feedback /resubmissions

Learning Resources

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Overview of Assessment

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Assessment will incorporate a variety of methods including assignments, journals, presentation and written or test. Students are advised that they are likely to be asked to personally demonstrate their assessment work to their teacher to ensure that the relevant competency standards are being met.

Assessment Tasks



The following courses are co-delivered and co-assessed:

·               MKTG5834C - Interpret market trends and developments

·              MKTG7823C - Co-ordinate advertising research 

Students are required to successfully complete all three Assessment Tasks to be deemed competent in this unit(s).

Assessment Task 1: Test - Research terms and definitions          

Students are required to sit an online test during scheduled class time on the topics of market research terms and definitions

·       This Assessment Task is due week 4.

·       This Assessment Task is worth 10% of the total grade

·       This is an individual assessment task


Assessment 2: Prepare a Market Research Report and Advertising Research Brief

Students are required to select a product/service or business activity and prepare a market research report. The report will be used to determine organisational, product, and competitor business performance that assists in targeting marketing activities, and in drawing up a marketing plan and an advertising campaign. Students are also required to prepare an Advertising Research Brief based on the finding of the Research Report and planned advertising to test the campaign effectiveness and opportunities for improvement.

·       This Assessment Task is due Week 10

·       This Assessment Task is worth 40% of the total grade

·       This Assessment can be completed in pairs or as an individual


Assessment Task 3 – Conduct Advertising Research, Prepare a Report and Present findings

Students are required to conduct primary research of advertising concept testing using the Advertising Research Brief completed in Assessment Task 2, prepare an Advertising Research Report on their findings and present a summary to the class.

·       This Assessment Task is due week 16

·       This Assessment Task is worth 50% of the total grade

·       This Assessment Task can be completed in groups of up to four people


Assessment Matrix

Full information on the mapping of assessments for this unit is available from the teacher.    

Course Overview: Access Course Overview